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About Us

HEAL Healthy School Partnership

The Hollywood High School Healthy School Partnership Program (HSP) is a part of Kaiser Permanente’s larger Southern California HEAL Initiative. The HSP Program is a three year initiative that aims to create sustainable policy, environmental and behavioral changes at HHS that will contribute to the development of a campus wide environment that supports the link between student wellness and student achievement.

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The goals of the HSP Program are to:

1.  Improve school based healthcare services in  obesity prevention and management
2.  Improve access to healthy foods and beverages
3.  Improve access to physical activity opportunities
4.  Increase learning opportunities about healthy eating and active living

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If you are a HHS student, parent, or community member that would like to learn more about the program or ways to get involved, please contact Deborah Ebrahemi at (408) 679-0710.

  • First Annual Sheik-A-Thon at the Famous Hollywood Sign

    California weather was at its best on Monday, April 14 as more than 120 students, parents, staff and teachers from Hollywood High School joined with representatives from The Los Angeles Trust for Children's Health, UMMA Health Clinic, and Kaiser Permanente to enjoy a day-long celebration promoting exercise and health. Local councilmember Tom LaBonge and Hollywood High School principal Alejandra Sanchez kicked off the event. "At Hollywood High School, we are looking at school in a more holistic way, in terms of the services we can provide to the students," explained Sanchez. "When students come through our doors, we don't just look at their test scores but try to see them as a whole person. We want to support them in all areas of their well-being." Click here to read the full article or for more information, contact Deborah Ebrahemi.

  • Change Begins to Bloom at Hollywood High

    Thanks to a generous donation by Million Trees Los Angeles, Hollywood High School received 15-gallon fruit trees over the holiday break! The students returned to find a nectarine, plum, and apricot tree. Joe Mendizza, Special Education Department Char and SDP Teacher at Hollywood High School said, "the trees will make a great addition to the beauty of the school as well as provide students with nutritional and educational opportunities." For more information contact Deborah Ebrahemi.

  • HHS School Garden

    Renovated the HHS School Garden.

  • Youth Advocacy Training

    Hollywood High School student leaders traveled to Sacramento to participate in California Center for Civic Participation’s Youth Advocacy Program, called the Youth Advocacy Network for Sustainable Communities (YANSC).  the students worked with other youth advocates throughout California to create ways to improve their communities through policy and advocacy change. The students presented their action plans to local congressmen, congresswoman, and assembly members at the state capitol building.

  • Parent Advocacy Training

    When is a walking club more than a walking club?! Moms at Hollywood High School have created a morning walking club to improve their own health and to advocate for a healthy environment at their children's school! As they walk, they talk - about what they need to know about school policy, who they need to speak with at the local and district levels, and how to effectively advocate for healthy school environments. While the walking was inspired by Ryan Woodson (the Healthy School Partnership coordinator), the Prevention Institute and Healthy School Food Coalition helped the moms understand policy work and provided them with tools for effective advocacy! See the Coalition's great toolkit to help you work with your community, parent and students groups to ensure that local and district policies translate into meaningful school change.

    Link to Toolkit

  • Healthy Fundraisers

    Hollywood High School has ended the longstanding tradition of unhealthy fundraising.  The newly formed healthy fundraising coalition consists of HHS staff, students and parents that will work to create policy that supports healthy fundraising at HHS.

  • Hollywood High School Highlights Community Health with Prevention Institute Training

    Hollywood High School's Healthy School Partnership hosted a Prevention Institute training for parents and residents on understanding and analyzing the community factors that shape health, safety, and equity. The event was followed by a walkability audit around the school. 

  • Kaiser Community Health Initiative Academy Visits Hollywood High School

    The Kaiser Community Health Initiative (CHI) Academy brings together regional colleagues who are responsible for the planning, execution, and evaluation of CHI and HEAL initiatives. This year's CHI Academy was hosted in Los Angeles and included a site visit to Hollywood High School. The purpose of the site visit was to gain knowledge about the challenges of and opportunities for improving student health and wellness in a large, low-income, urban high school; to understand the vision and goals of the Healthy School Partnership (HSP) and its accomplishments to date; and reflect on opportunities for linking student wellness with academic achievement. 

  • Hollywood High School's F.A.M.E. Health Club Launches Food=Fuel Campaign

    Hollywood High School students are promoting a junk-food free campus! The goal of the campaign is to educate the campus about the importance of making healthier choices when it comes to food, especially snack items sold on campus. 

    Students also attended the LAUSD's Board Member Meeting to support Board Member Zimmer's "Improving Food and Nutrition Policy Resolution."  The resolution was passed!  View the Video and presentation of a signed poster to Board Member Zimmer and his chief of staff, Claudia Vizcarra.

    Link to FAME Newsletter

    Link to Video 

  • Twelve HEAL Initiative Youths Shine at Statewide Conference

    Hollywood High School, Long Beach, Ontario and Riverside youth participated in the California Center for Civic Participation (CCCP), a statewide Youth Advocate Network for Sustainable Communities (YANSC) conference in Sacramento from May 20 - 22. The mission of CCCP is to empower youth to be vital participants in decision making processes at all levels.

    The youths had the opportunity to present to an audience of statewide policymakers at the State Capitol on their top priority strategies in the areas of transportation, land use, food access and education. They also met with their local representatives to provide perspective on the strengths and challenges their communities face to create healthy active environments for residents. The youths will work with the HEAL Initiative partners to recruit new members and meet regularly to work on issues in their communities.