The Children’s Clinic Hosts HEAL Zones in Long Beach


The Children's Clinic hosted a peer exchange with Lemon Grove, Ontario, Riverside, Ventura, and Kaiser Permanete peers in the North Long Beach HEAL Zone to share the successes and challenges in implementing healthy eating active living strategies inside and outside the clinic setting.

Lily Martinez, Director of Health Education and Outreached led a tour of the facilities located on site followed by a presentation and discussion on their work with the school district and community. The Children's Clinic CEO and Operations Manger are championing the work and have implemented trainings and communications with providers, promotoras, medical assistant, and staff to embed HEAL in policy, organization practices, networks, provider education, community education, and individual knowledge and skills.

The Healthy Lifestyles Rx and Voucher program alone cannot change people. The providers only have limited power in the exam room, thus need to also address health behaviors, physical environment, and socio economic factors in the HEAL Zone.